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Artificial Grass: Safety

puppy laying in grass

Artificial Grass and Bacteria

Using artificial grass for an enclosed pet run is great for the appearance of your lawn, but is it safe? If pets are relieving themselves on the artificial grass, keeping everything clean and sanitary is not only an understandable concern, it's also important. 

There are two factors that contribute to the cleanliness of your artificial grass:

  • How well the artificial grass drains

  • The infill material used 

Because artificial grass is not living grass, it needs some type of infill material to help it bounce back and keep its appearance. Infill is the substance that is used between the blades of artificial grass above the backing. 

Besides protecting your artificial grass from becoming matted down, infill also functions by protecting the backing that your artificial grass is attached to. 

For a pet run, an antimocrobial infill is a fantastic choice. 

Antimicrobial Infill breaks down ammonia to keep your Artificial Grass Clean and Odor-free

Additionally, it has been rigorously tested to ensure that it is completely safe for all lawn applications. 

Pets and children are the most likely to spend a lot of time playing on a lawn, so it is important to have the assurance that even in a pet run, the materials used are safe and sanitary for all who might enjoy it. 

For more information about Microban's safety and testing, check out the documents below:

antimicrobia infill for pet run artificial grass

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