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Artificial Grass: Drainage

artificial grass drainage photo

Besides infill material, drainage is the other important factor affecting sanitation to consider when it comes to choosing artificial grass. 

If artificial grass does not drain efficiently, it could cause many issues. Water trapped in the artificial grass with nowhere to go can become a breeding ground for bacteria, in addition to being very inconvenient for homeowners. 

UltimateGrass by EasyTurf has a 100% permeable backing: their UltraDrain product feature which makes them the best choice in our book. 

UltraDrain by EasyTurf

Its unique design allows EasyTurf's artificial grass backing to drain faster and more efficiently than natural grass. For homeowners using it in a pet run, this means that your artificial grass will not hold water which can lead to a build-up of both bacteria and odor. 

artificial grass drainage diagram

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