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Artificial Grass Maintenance

dog on artificial grass
How to Care for your Artificial Grass Pet Run

Artificial grass used in a pet run is not only a great solution for protecting your yard from pet damage, it is also a low-maintenance choice.

Solid waste may be removed as normal. As for liquid waste, the area of artificial grass affected may be sprayed down with a hose. 

Because the backing of UltimateGrass is 100% permeable, rain and the ensuing drainage will also aid in keeping your pet run rinsed and clean. 
From time to time, you may find it beneficial to spray the pet run down with an enzyme-based cleaner. This extra step, performed periodically, will help to keep your pet run clean and free of any odors. 
artificial grass
Additional Maintenance Information:

You may use rakes, brooms, and a leaf blower on your artificial grass to remove unwanted leaves and debris. If you find unwanted high traffic areas developing, you may also use a broom or a rake to re-fluff the turf's appearance.

If a wet substance spills on your artificial grass, simply spray the area down with a hose. For dry spills, a shop-vac may be used, but be careful not to vacuum up the infill material as well. 

Preventing Damage
Artificial grass is strong and durable, but it is not indestructible. The biggest cause of damage to be aware of is reflective heat. Glass (such as the tops of patio tables) can reflect and magnify the heat of the sun, which could damage the turf. 
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