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Lawn Mowing Service | Dayton, Ohio

Let Buckeye Lawn and Landscaping take care of mowing your lawn so you can spend your weekends enjoying your yard, not working on it.


Our lawn mowing service will ensure your grass is always mowed and trimmed to the perfect height, keeping it presentable and healthy. You can choose a basic mowing package, or let us take care of mowing your grass as part of a more comprehensive lawn care package

Our lawn mowing services are performed by a team of professionals, who will always show up in a uniform and in a marked truck. Our equipment is reliable and the best in the industry. ​

Learn more about our mowing practices and service details:

  • Mowing Frequency

We determine mowing frequency based on growing conditions. Usually, your lawn will be mowed on a weekly basis. During slower growing periods we will only mow the areas that have grown long enough to be cut.


  • Grass Cutting Height

All turfgrass will be mowed to 3-3.5 inches. Mowing height will be adjusted according to the Ohio State University's research standards to accommodate environmental conditions, terrain and turf variety requirements.


  • Grass Clippings

Grass clippings will be recycled back into the lawn to help return nutrients back into the soil.


  • Lawn Debris Removal

Grass clippings will be blown from walks, driveways, lots, mulched beds and any other non-turf areas during each mowing visit. Normal accumulation and other debris will be cleared away from all lawn areas during each visit. "Acts of God" are excluded from this process.


  • String Trimming

String trimming will be performed along and around all areas not accessible with a mower.

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