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Spring Clean-Up Service | Dayton, OH

Spring landscaping service Dayon Ohio

Let us get you started for the season.

Whether it's part of a monthly lawn and bed maintenance service package, or a simple, one-time service: our Spring Clean-Ups are your best option to get your home ready for the spring. 

Our expert team will come out and take care of all the hard work, so you don't have to! 

Our Spring Clean-Ups have got you covered- you can simply maintain your beds for the season after we're done, or have us do it. 

Spring Clean-Up Services:

  • Clean-Up: The removal of litter, leaves, twigs, and small branches or any other debris that has collected on the lawn, in landscape beds, corners of buildings and fence rows.

  • Bed Edging: Mulch beds will be redefined for crisp definition of the soil. Edge using spade shovels and gas-powered mechanical bed equipment

  • Bed Maintenance: Hand-pulling weeds, inspecting landscape plant material for disease and insect infestations, and will cut back dead-head perennials as needed.

  • Weed Control: Both pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides will be utilized to control weed growth in landscape beds and tree rings. (To help maintain weed control, we recommend that the first round of pre-emergent be installed by the first two weeks of April.)

  • Shrub Pruning: Summer-flowering shrubs, overgrown shrubs needing hand pruning, evergreen hedges and broad-leaved evergreens that do not flower or berry will be pruned in mid-spring. Dead or diseased wood will be cut off of shrubs.

  • Mulch: Includes pre-emergent weed control to the mulched areas. All mulch beds will be mulched with organic, age-processed, hardwood mulch unless specified otherwise. We monitor the depth as we mulch, and add only what is needed to encourage healthy landscapes. We will never excessively mulch!

Mulch installation Dayton Ohio
landscaping Dayton Ohio
landscaping Dayton Ohio

Service Areas:
We serve around the Dayton and Cincinnati areas!
Located in Centerville, Ohio, our work has sprung across the southwest Ohio area. Other popular cities include Kettering, Beavercreek, Springboro, Miamisburg, Bellbrook, Xenia, Lebanon, Middletown, Wilmington and Mason.

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