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Mulching Services in Dayton, OH

Buckeye Lawn and Landscaping | Oheil Irrigation Company provides mulching services throughout Dayton, OH. We know the power of mulch and the true benefits that mulch can bring to your landscape. Our professionals help you find the right mulching options for your landscape so that it looks beautiful and keeps your landscape healthy. We can either install the mulch ourselves or simply deliver it to the location your specify!

Discover the Benefits of Mulch

We provide mulch in two main categories: organic and inorganic. Each variety of mulch comes with different benefits and drawbacks. Our professionals will work closely with you to select the proper mulch for your landscape.

Organic Mulch

Our organic mulch comes in three different grades of processing. The levels of processing correspond to degrees of coarseness. The less processed the mulch, the coarser it feels and appears.

We recommend organic mulch when you want something to decompose and add valuable nutrients to the soil. Organic mulch also helps keep the soil cool and water inside to feed your plants. When mulch is laid correctly, it extends the time that the plants can access water in the soil and keeps oxygen inside.


However, organic mulch must be replaced regularly and timed correctly to ensure that all the benefits of mulching are gained.

Inorganic Mulch

Our inorganic mulch is made from rubber, gravel, and rocks. Inorganic mulch is low maintenance and doesn't require regular replacement, though it does often come with a higher initial cost. Since inorganic mulch lasts long term, the cost is often less expensive than organic mulch in the long run.


Inorganic mulch also helps prevent erosion, aids in weed prevention, and even improves the look of landscaping. The biggest drawback of inorganic mulch is that it often absorbs heat, which raises the temperature of the soil and can increase water loss. Schedule to get your bulk mulch installed or delivered!

Contact Us

Beautify your landscape with mulching services in Dayton, OH, from Buckeye Lawn and Landscaping | Oheil Irrigation Company. Call (937) 432-9911 to get a free quote for mulch in your yard.


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