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Landscape Designer Dayton Ohio
For 12 years, Dan Moore has been the Landscape Designer at Buckeye Lawn and Landscaping. 

 Specializing in both residential and commercial jobs, Dan's resume of landscape projects is impressive! 


We sat down with Dan to interview him, and he generously offered to answer questions from our readers as well. (More on that below!


But first, the interview:

How long have you been doing landscape design? 

"Twenty-one years." 


What made you want to get into it as a career? 

"Well, I'm a creative person, and I love the outdoors. I'm also kind of a plant nerd - I love plants, and I find them fascinating." 


What's your favorite part of your job? 

"I love working with clients. I get to meet a lot of people, and I get to build relationships with them. Besides the clients, I get to use my creativity every day." 


What's your favorite design project you've ever done? 

"For commercial: Cincinnati Casino. For residential: a job I did years ago for a particular couple stands out to me. It was my first really big job- over $70K- so it's meaningful to me as a milestone in my career, and it was just gorgeous when it was finished." 

What do you wish people knew about landscape design? 

"It's very subjective- there's no right or wrong. I think people see or hear a lot of information about 'do this, don't do that', and my approach is: what will get you the most enjoyment out of your home? My job as a designer is to guide the process to help people achieve their own vision while keeping them from making choices that would be a mistake for them.


"And by 'mistake', I mean in terms of functionality- plant choice, for example. Making sure what they want to put into their landscaping will work with the growing conditions we're dealing with, and that its maintenance requirements are compatible with the client's lifestyle." 

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Can you tell us more about your process? Walk us through how you approach a job. 

"Well first, I meet with the clients. I like to really spend some time with them, to get a chance to observe them in their home and really listen. Spending that time and having conversations with clients allows me to find out what people appreciate. Knowing what people appreciate helps me to make their final result the best that it can be." 


You mentioned earlier mistakes in functionality, can you talk more about that? 

"Sure. Some of the things I want to know to help guide people in their choices are questions like, 'Is this your forever home? Do you see yourself here indefinitely, or for a few years? Will you want to sell down the road?' If people are doing landscape design on their forever home, then we don't have to consider whether what they want will also appeal to potential buyers in a few years.


"Also, what kind of investment people are interested in making. If they have a large-scale vision, is it something we should do in stages over the course of years? I also want to know if the clients are people who enjoy spending time outdoors. If they do, something like a fire pit or a large patio could be a great investment for them. Do they like working in their yard? If not, high-maintenance plants would not be a great pick. Things like that."


Awesome! Anything else you want to say to people about landscape design, or your role as a Designer? 

"I want people not to feel intimidated. A Landscape Designer can help with all projects, of all sizes. You don't have to write a six-figure check for landscape design services. If you have a small project in mind, or you have a small budget, don't feel like you can't contact me. My job is to help people get the most enjoyment out of their outdoor space, no matter how big or small."

Thanks Dan! We hope that you enjoyed this interview.


As we said at the beginning of this piece, Dan has offered to answer questions from our readers. If there's anything you've always wanted to know about landscape design, or being a landscape designer, or you have a question about the landscaping at your home, please submit your question to Dan by using the form below, and he'll be happy to answer!


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