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standing water and lawn drainage problem in dayton

Do you have wet spots in your yard? Standing water on your lawn?

We can help. Let us take care of it.

Residential Landscape Drainage Solutions Near Dayton, OH

Standing water on your lawn can be an eyesore as well as a risk. Standing water can ruin your landscaping and even attract pests. Our team at Buckeye Lawn and Landscaping and Oheil Irrigation Company can make short work of any landscape drainage problems you have on your residential property with our individualized drainage solutions for properties surrounding the area of Dayton, OH.

We are expert contactors with 40+ years of experience in irrigation and drainage! So we know that we can make your lawn look stunning.

Our Yard Drainage Solutions

Water drainage issues are often caused by an improper pitch in your yard, causing water to pool rather than runoff. For each property, we evaluate the problem and determine a solution. We treat each problem on an individual basis, which means we create a solution that is right for you and your unique property. This solution could include:

  • Grading, leveling and downspout changes

  • French drains

  • Weeping tile

  • Trenches

  • Channel and berm

before and after a flower bed drainage solution was installed
bare spot, standing water and drainage problem on residential lawn
Art drawing showcasing various types of outdoor yard drains
Downspout draining water into french drain

The solution depends on a variety of factors, like the source of the water, the surrounding landscape, and why the water has pooled. We will help you look at all the factors so you can make the best choice for your lawn.

Our Complete Service


Of course, land drainage solutions usually include digging, which means the disruption of your lawn. However, we try to limit the area we dig up to keep your lawn in pristine condition. We plan our digging carefully, to stay localized and to avoid landscape features. If anything is damaged, the landscaping side of our company is prepared and trained to repair and touch up said situations. Your lawn will look better than ever!

Our Company


With over 40 years of experience in landscaping and drainage services, we are prepared to handle any residential yard drainage problems you face. Ask us for a free quote for our drainage services and expert advice. After all, we are known for our award winning service. We are "THEE drainage company" to go to for the Dayton area and we take pride in that!

Call us today at (937) 432-9911 to learn more about our services or fill out our form and we will reply asap!

Service Areas:
We serve around the Dayton and Cincinnati areas!
Located in Centerville, Ohio, our work has sprung across the south
west Ohio area. Other popular cities include Kettering, Beavercreek, Springboro, Miamisburg, Bellbrook, Xenia, Lebanon, Middletown, Wilmington and Mason.

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