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How an Irrigation System saves you Time 

The smart way to a great looking yard

Watering lawn with hose is inefficient
Traditional Water Application

Chances are if you don’t already have an irrigation system, you are watering with a hose with an attached nozzle, or a sprinkler head. One problem with this system is that it delivers water to the ground faster than it can be absorbed, leading to water runoff and wasted water.


It is also easy to overwater when using a hose and sprinkler: the sprinkler needs to be left to run for enough time to saturate the ground, but has to be monitored to reduce overwatering.


Have you ever forgotten that your sprinkler was on because you got sidetracked doing other things? It happens! 

Did you know?

The best time to water your yard and gardens is in the early morning, before the heat of day. This can be a difficult task to accomplish, especially if more than one area needs to be watered.


Additionally, lugging hoses and sprinklers around is work, and can just be annoying. Hoses are hard to move around, they weigh a lot and get caught on things, tangled, and kinked up. 

Sunrise on grass. It's best to water early

So, How is an Irrigation System a Great Solution?

Sprinkler system waters strategically
Water Strategically! 

Irrigation systems use zones to target the watering needs of specific areas. Irrigation technicians will take numerous conditions into consideration in order to create zones within your yard that have different watering needs.


For example, a few considerations would be: soil type, plant type, grading, exposure to wind, sun conditions, and climate. Each of these zones can be targeted differently to ensure they are not overwatered, and only receive the proper amount of water based on each area's needs.

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