Summer Lawn Stress

Seasonal changes can put a lot of stress on grass. In the summertime, heat and dry weather are the reigning culprits, but there are some things you should know how to manage or avoid to keep your lawn from being more stressed:

1. Traffic. Dry grass doesn't spring back upright after being bent like well-watered grass does, so be mindful of foot traffic on your lawn. Alternatively, if the soil is wet, heavy traffic can cause it to become compacted. Compacted soil does not allow enough air, nutrients, or water to get to the grass roots.

2. Dry weather. As we mentioned earlier, the dryness of summer can take a toll on your lawn. It's best to water in the morning before the heat of the day evaporates away your watering efforts before the grass roots have a chance to drink. This also allows time for any excess water to evaporate away before the dark and cooler temperatures that come at night. It is not good for grass to be wet overnight- it is prone to disease.

3. Weeds. No one wants weeds in their lawn, but a stressed out lawn is vulnerable to them. Some weeds (like crabgrass) love the same heat and dryness that grass does not, making it even more important to take care of weeds before they get out of hand.

4. Dull mower blades. A sharp mower blade makes a clean cut, which limits the amount of moisture the blades of grass can lose. A dull blade, however, tears and shreds the grass apart, which allows more of the much-needed moisture to escape. And speaking of mowing, it's a good idea to raise your mower blade when you cut your grass. When grass is cut too short, it is not able to grow its root system as deeply.

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