Why You Should Aerate in the Spring

Spring is an excellent time to perform an aeration on your lawn. If you are unfamiliar with what lawn aeration is, read this post first! Why is spring an excellent time for lawn aeration?

For cool-season grasses like we have here in Dayton, Ohio, spring and fall are the times when the temperature allows for the best root growth. Because soil aeration removes plugs of soil from the ground to help correct soil compaction, this means that when your grass roots do seasonal growing in the spring, there's room within the soil for the new root growth.

Grass that has a healthy, deep root system not only looks better on its own, it is also an all-natural way to help prevent weeds from taking hold. It's not a foolproof method to keep your yard free of weeds, but a deep root system certainly helps choke out new weeds.

In addition, less compacted soil allows for better nutrient and water absorption by grass roots. Performing a spring lawn aeration will maximize the quality of your regular lawn care and maintenance by priming your turf so that other services will work more effectively.

For example, services like fertilization or overseeding are best performed immediately after a lawn aeration while the holes created by the aerator are present in the yard: allowing the fertilizer or new seed to penetrate deeply into the ground and reach the growing roots.

If you feel that your yard is thinning in certain areas, or the grass simply isn't as thick as you would like, lawn aeration could be just the service you need: and there's no better time than the present.

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