Fall Landscaping Tasks

10 Fall Landscaping Tasks for Dayton Ohio.

1. Cleanup – Remove debris from planting beds. Harmful insects breed in dead leaves and growth, so it’s important to remove it.

2. Plant Shrubs and Trees – Planting in the fall is less stressful than planting in the heat and allows time for roots to develop and grow. Plants grow dormant in winter and will be better established in the spring.

Fall is the perfect time to add mulch to your Ohio garden.

3. Mulch – Adding a fresh new layer will help protect plants through the impending cold. It will also refresh the look of mulch that has thinned and dulled over the summer months. Don’t pile on more than 2” or risk suffocating plants.

4. Kill Perennial Weeds – Kill weeds now to prevent them from coming back in the spring.

5. Overseed – Overseed grass while it is growing in the fall and your grass will look fuller and lusher in the spring. Denser grass also inhibits weed growth.

6. Feed Your Lawn – Fertilize in the fall while grass is growing.

7. Remove Fallen Leaves – Fallen leaves shouldn’t be left on the grass to

Do not leave fall leaves on your grass to decompose.

decompose because they could lead to disease. Rake to remove or mulch with a lawn mower. Mulched leaves actually provide nutrients to the grass.

8. Prune – Dead limbs become dangerous in fall storms or under the weight of snow. Remove dead and dying limbs now, before they become a problem.

9. Water Plants – Plants don’t need as much water in the fall, but don’t forget them completely. Make sure plants have enough water until they go dormant.

Plant chrysanthemums in the fall to add color and interest.

10. Plant Fall Flowers – Even though it is fall you can still add color and interest to your garden. Consider chrysanthemums, kale or ornamental cabbage planted in pots.

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