Questions You Should Ask When Choosing an Irrigation System Contractor

Questions you should ask when hiring an irrigation contractor.

Are you bonded and insured?

All irrigation contractors need to be properly insured. If they aren’t you could be responsible for any injuries or harm that happens on your property. Your contractor should carry workers comp insurance, a general policy and auto insurance.

What professional certifications and licenses do you have?

Certification with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Certified Irrigation Contractor.

Most irrigation contractors are proud to display their training, certifications and professional memberships. If you don’t see these ask! Companies with trained and certified workers will provide knowledgeable and competent service. It’s also important to ensure that irrigation companies have the proper licenses to work in your area.

Do you provide a warranty?

Irrigation contractors who provide a warranty should put it in writing. It should clearly specify what components are covered, the length of coverage and whether workmanship is covered. Do not rely on a word of mouth guarantee.

What is included in my quoted price?

Will you receive instructions or a system demo?

Will you receive the plans for your original system?

Will you receive a manufacturers warranty on parts?

Will the irrigation contractor repair damage done to your lawn during installation?

Does the cost include follow up visits or winterization?

How long have you been in business?

A business that has been around for a longer period of time is generally more stable and should have a history of satisfied clients.

Do you have references?

Your irrigation contractor should have references they can give you. You can also check out the irrigation contractors BBB profile and read online reviews.

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