August Lawn & Garden To-To List

What to do in your yard in August.


In August dead head perennials in your garden.
  • Water and fertilize your container plants. Plants in containers dry out easily so they may need to be watered every day, some may even need to be watered twice a day this month.

  • Perennials and flowering shrubs that bloomed during early summer will start to fade. This is the time to dead-head and prune. Trimming faded growth will allow these plants to use their energy more efficiently.

  • August is the dry season so make sure your garden is receiving enough water.

  • Start planting trees and shrubs. Water well after planting and add plenty of mulch to prevent evaporation.


  • Your grass may start to look a little brown this month but in most cases, this isn't a reason for concern. Grass can go dormant in the hot summer months to reduce water usage and focus energy on the root system.

  • During these dry months do not cut your grass too short. Raise the cutting height on your mower and never cut more than 1/3 off the top of your grass.

  • Do not fertilize your grass at this time, wait until the fall. Fertilizing while grass is dormant will prompt the blades to grow but could hurt the root system.

Save Water

In August conserve water in your garden with a rainbarrel.
  • With all the rain we’ve had lately it’s difficult to imagine dry weather, but August is usually the driest month of the year in Ohio.

  • Consider adding a rain barrel to capture rain water and help conserve water usage.

  • Water plantings and grass deeply and less frequently. Read our previous post about saving water with an irrigation system.

  • If you have birdbaths be sure to fill them, birds will start to rely on your source of water.


  • Start planning your garden for next year.

  • Order the bulbs you need for fall planting.

  • Check your mulch levels, make sure you have enough to protect your plants from water evaporation.

  • Prepare for fall fertilization by having your soil tested to see what nutrients it's missing, then get a fertilizer custom blended for your needs.

Tasks you should complete in your garden during the month of August.