3 Ways to Clean Your Gutters Without Stepping Foot on a Ladder

Ways to clean gutters with out using a ladder, clean gutters while standing on the ground.

Why clean your gutters?

Gutters are an important feature when it comes to maintaining the safety and stability of your home. Gutters move water away from your home and roof. They protect your home, roof, walls, and landscape from water damage. Gutters get clogged with leaves, dirt, and twigs. These items find their way into your gutters as they fall, but the problem is the worst after a heavy storm and in the fall when leaves fall off most trees.

How often do gutters need to be cleaned?

The frequency your gutters need to be cleaned depends on where you live and the number of trees in your yard. Typically gutters should be cleaned at least once every fall and once in the spring.

Can you clean your own gutters?

Cleaning out gutters is a task that you can probably tackle on your own. It’s completely possible for the average DIYer to clean their gutters. The downsides are the hassle, time involved and potential hazards.

Cleaning gutters the traditional way, on a ladder scooping out debris, can be messy and time-consuming. It requires slowly moving the ladder around your house, going up and down the ladder and scooping out the accumulated dirt and debris.

The biggest danger you’ll face when cleaning out your gutters is going up and down the ladder. The amount of danger varies depending on the type of ground you’ll be setting on and the height of your gutters.

How to Clean Gutters Without Using a Ladder

1. Gutter Cleaning By Vacuum

Man cleaning gutters with shop vac and attachments.

You may be surprised to hear that you can vacuum out your gutters. This method works best for gutters that are filled with soft debris, like leaves and pine needles. You won’t use your home vacuum for this. You’ll need a shop vac that is designed for heavy duty work. You will also need a set of gutter cleaning attachments. These are available from stores like Amazon and run about $50. These attachments add length to the hose on your shop vac so it can reach your gutters. It also includes a few curved ends that curve into the gutters to reach and clean inside.

The two things to keep in mind when deciding if you can vacuum out your gutters is the type of debris you will be dealing with and the height of your gutters off the ground. Vacuuming out gutters works best on light debris like leaves that have recently fallen. Decomposing leaves and dirt are too heavy. Vacuuming your gutters is also works best on single story homes. Most attachments will not reach beyond the first story and the hose loses suction and becomes harder to maneuver the longer it becomes.

2. Cleaning Gutters With a Hose

Cleaning gutter with garden hose attachment.

Another option for cleaning gutters without climbing a ladder is to use your garden hose and an attachment. This option works best on gutters that are not extremely clogged. All you will need is a garden hose with good pressure and a gutter cleaning attachment (telescoping rod with a curved end). Work from one end, slowly pushing the debris with the water to the other. Move towards the side with the downspout. You will be able to see debris washing out.

This method tends to work best on one story homes without significant debris buildup. The attachments are usually not long enough to reach a two-story home and it’s hard to get the control you need with a longer wand.

3. Gutter Cleaning Tools

Tool to scoop debris from gutters while standing on the ground.

If you have gutters that are more clogged there is a solution for you. There are tools specifically designed so you can stand on the ground and scoop the debris out of your gutters. These tools are designed to pick out debris that is too dense to be vacuumed or flushed out. This tool works just like a set of tongs except you stand on the ground to control them. The telescoping handle claims to reach all the way to second story gutters, although we worry about disposing of debris with that long of a handle.

Benefits of Traditional Gutter Cleaning

The three options above will help you keep your gutters clean without the need to step onto a ladder. These options work best on gutters that are not exceedingly full or dirty. They also work best on one-story homes.

For extremely clogged gutters or high and complicated rooflines, it may be best to call a professional. Gutter cleaning services in the Dayton Ohio area are relatively affordable. A professional service will use ladders to reach your gutters and clean out all the debris. From the ladder, technicians will be able to see into your gutters so they can ensure every last thing is removed. They will also repair loose gutters and replace missing straps.

If you’d like a free quote for Buckeye and Oheil’s gutter cleaning service or if there is anything else we can help you with send us a note today – we’d love to hear from you!

Clean gutters without a ladder using a shop vac, a garden hose, or gutter cleaning tools.

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