5 Tips You Need to Help Your Lawn Survive the Summer

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1. Water Properly

It is important to not overwater your lawn. You may be tempted to water every night when it’s hot and your grass is looking a little brown. However, it is better to water deeply and infrequently. This helps to develop long and healthy roots.

Watering frequently will only develop short roots that will not help the grass survive dry spells. Overwatering also promotes disease and wastes water.

A good rule of thumb is to water an area once a week for about an hour. The best time to water is early morning, the earlier the better. Water evaporates in the sunlight, so avoid watering when the sun is shining.

A good way to ensure everything is watered properly is an irrigation system.

Summer lawn care tips to help your grass survive summer heat.

2. Mow Grass to the Right Height

While long grass can look untidy, make sure not to cut your grass too short. Taller grass actually prevents water evaporation. If your grass is looking a little brown it may behoove you to reduce your mowing frequency.

It is also a good idea to check the height of your mower blade. Reducing the number of times you mow doesn’t help if you are also cutting it too short each time. The exact amount to cut depends on your grass variety, but a good gauge is to cut no more than 1/3 off the blade of grass at any time.

3. Know How to Fertilize

Grass should be fertilized during it’s growing season. Dayton is located in an area where predominately cool season grass is grown. Cool season grass grows in cooler temps, so it’s best to fertilize these grasses during early spring and in the fall. Cool season grass does not grow as much in the warm summer months.

Dayton is near the transition zone between the predominance of cool season and warm season grass. The transition zone lies from about Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky into Tennessee. Because of this cool season grass can struggle in our area during the long hot summer months. It is possible to overseed cool season grass with a more heat tolerant variety.

4. Control Weeds

Weed control is an important job that needs to be done every season to maintain a completely weed free lawn. Applying products at the wrong time, the incorrect point in the growing season, will only prove futile and a waste of product.

Summer is the best time to apply pre-emergent herbicides. Pre-emergent works while the plants are dormant to prevent seed germination. Wait for weeds to go dormant in the summer to apply. An example of this is a section of lawn that always has dandelions in the spring. Apply pre-emergent in the summer when you no longer see the weed patch growing.

Post-emergent herbicides work on plants that are growing. They can sometimes be used during the summer, on weeds that are actively growing, but are