8 Reasons Why You Need a Fire Pit in Your Yard

Fire Pits may seem like the latest trendy thing in backyard hardscapes, but truthfully they’ve been popular for years. Many historic and mid-century homes in the Dayton area have original outdoor fireplaces and fire pits in their yard.

If you don’t have a fire pit in your yard now, you’ll probably want one after reading the list below!

1. Focal Point

Fire pits create a natural focal point for your yard. They create an area that has purpose, seating and landscaping. While fire pits can be small most of them are substantial in size and provide interest and cohesiveness.

2. Extend Patio Season

We all know Ohio temperatures can fluctuate throughout the year. With the warmth of a fire pit your patio may be usable almost year round! Whether it’s chilly summer evenings, cool autumn afternoons or early spring mornings - one thing is certain, a fire pit will help you enjoy the outdoors throughout the year.

3. Increase Home Value

A well-built fire pit is a sought after commodity for homebuyers. Anyone looking at your home will picture evenings spent with family and friends roasting marshmallows, drinking a few beers and sharing stories.

A fire pit adds ambiance to any yard.

4. Create Ambiance

Fire pits are like fireplaces when it comes to creating a romantic seating area with flickering light. Nothing is cozier than settling into Adirondack chairs with your sweetie, a stadium blanket and a glass of wine. There’s no need for candles or twinkle lights when you have the soft glow of a flickering fire.

5. Keep Bugs Away

This is relatively simple. Bugs just don’t like smoke. If you really want to keep mosquitoes away and don’t think the smoke alone is enough you could burn citronella leaves or sage. Just be careful, adding things to a fire might make it unsafe to cook over.

Cooking s'mores over fire in fire pit.

6. Alternate Area for Cooking

Nothing beats cooking over an open fire. Of course you can make s’mores. Kids also love cooking anything they can roast on a stick, like hotdogs and kebabs. You can also add a grate and use it as a pseudo grill. Or, wrap meat and veggies in foil and cook in the embers. Cooking in a fire pit adds a sense of vacation and fun to a regular weeknight meal.

7. Transform Unused Space

Fire pits can go almost anywhere in your yard. They can be featured prominently or tucked away in any corner. They can be built on grass, surrounded by stone or sand, or built into a paver patio. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to placement.