Lawn Mowing Services

  • Mowing Frequency

We determine mowing frequency based on growing conditions. Usually, your lawn will be mowed on a weekly basis. During slower growing periods we will only mow the areas that have grown long enough to be cut.


  • Grass Cutting Height

All turfgrass will be mowed to 3-3.5 inches. Mowing height will be adjusted according to the Ohio State University's research standards to accommodate environmental conditions, terrain and turf variety requirements.


  • Grass Clippings

Grass clippings will be recycled back into the lawn to help return nutrients back into the soil.


  • Lawn Debris Removal

Grass clippings will be blown from walks, driveways, lots, mulched beds and any other non-turf areas during each mowing visit. Normal accumulation and other debris will be cleared away from all lawn areas during each visit. "Acts of God" are excluded from this process.


  • String Trimming

String trimming will be performed along and around all areas not accessible with a mower.

Lawn mowing service Dayton Ohio
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